Nerd Halloween Costumes For Men

Leg Avenue mens nerd halloween Costumes X-Large

Here you’ll find Nerd Halloween Costumes For Men for Halloween or another event like a nerd dress up day. There are a variety of costumes to choose from including nerd costumes with bow tie, nerd costumes with suspenders, and even plus size nerd costumes.  You’ll also find nerd costume kits, nerd t-shirts, and some nerd socks to go with your costume.

Nerds costumes have always been popular for dress up days at school and for Halloween.  There’s just something about the stereotypical nerd that people love.  We all have our favorite TV nerds such as Urkel, Screech, and Sheldon, so why not be kindred spirits with them for a day?

Nerd used to be such a terrible insult, but in recent years people have grown to take pride in the label.  And why wouldn’t you?  Being known for being smart is awesome, and everyone loves a little weird in their life!

On Halloween or nerd dress up day, you can celebrate being a nerd or you can be one for a day!  There are many options for Men’s Nerd Costumes below, just have fun putting your costume together.  The bonus of dressing like a nerd is that girls love a little nerdiness.  You can play it cool, or you can go full on nerd for some laughs.  No matter what, have fun!

Best Nerd Halloween Costume For Men

This is the best nerd halloween costume for men.  If you want you can add a propeller hat and a stack of books as accessories.  This works well as part of a couple’s costume as well.

Leg Avenue mens Mens Nerdy Nerd Costume X-Large

More Men’s Nerd Halloween Costumes From Amazon

Here are some great options for nerd costumes!  You have blue, green, and red plaid pants and bow ties.  If you want to be a 50’s nerd you’ll find a 50’s Sweater costume.

There is also the candy nerd costume, which can be a lot of fun.  It’s also a great way to be a little different on nerd dress up days!

Here is where you’ll also find a great men’s plus size nerd costume!

Geek Costume – Adult NerdForum Novelties Men’s Fabulous 50’s Class Nerd Costume, Multi, StandardLeg Avenue mens Mens Nerdy Nerd Costume X-LargeRasta Imposta Nerds Box, Pink/Purple, One SizeNerd Costume – Plus Size – Chest Size 48-53Rubie’s Costume 50s Nerd, Red/Black, Standard Costume

Nerd Costume Kits

If you just want ot purchase the nerd glasses, bow tie, and pocket protector or suspenders, these are some really cool options.

Rubies Instant Nerd Costume Accessory KitThe Nerd Kit Costume AccessoryHipster Nerd Outfit Kit, Black

Nerd Tshirts Are A Low Cost Option

If you just want to keep it simple, a nerd tshirt could be the perfect way for you to dress up as a nerd.  These are great for Halloween, but work better for school dress up days.  They’re also fun to wear after the dress up day when you’re feeling a little silly.

Faux Real Men’s Nerd, White/Blue, MediumImpact Originals Nerd Suspenders Bowtie Men’s White T-shirt (Medium)Classic White Nerd T-ShirtNerd T-ShirtClassic Yellow Nerd T-Shirt

Nerd Emoji Tshirt For A Costume

Men's Emoji Shirt Costume Buck Teeth Emoji Nerd Glasses Yellow 2XL LemonMen’s Emoji Shirt Costume Buck Teeth Emoji Nerd Glasses Yellow 2XL LemonMens Emo Shirt Costume Braces Teeth Nerd Glasses Yellow XL LemonMens Emo Shirt Costume Braces Teeth Nerd Glasses Yellow XL Lemon

Nerd Hats With Propellers

Adult Size Baseball Style Multi-Color Propeller HatNerds Animal House Costume Red Student Propeller Beanie Hat

Nerd Socks For Halloween Or For Fun

6 Pairs Men’s Colorful Argyle Fancy Design Fashion Dress Socks 10-13 #1009aFlora&Fred Men’s 3 Pair Pack Vintage Style Triangle Cotton Crew Socks

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